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Does anyone out there have an "unusual" job that is willing to help me out with a short survey for school?

Hello all. I am doing this project in my honors english class at my high school that is all about exploring careers that are "off of the beaten path". It is my job to find someone that has an unusual job and interview them with 10 short questions. Anyone that is willing to help a student out please fill out the following survey.


1. What makes your job so unique?

2. Do you enjoy your job?

3. Is there a strong demand for people pursueing careers similiar to yours?

4. What education is required?

5. What is the average salary for someone in your position? (you don't have to be specific here)

6. Are there any other careers related to yours?

7.What colleges/universities have well know programs in your field?

8. Would you suggest that young people cosider a job like the one that you hold?

9. What age is the minimum required to be in your position?

10. Is there room to grow in you position (e.g. start as a fry cook, move to management)

11. Name?

Does anyone out there have an "unusual" job that is willing to help me out with a short survey for school?
1. I am an Art Director at an advertising agency. My job is unique because I get to work in a completely creative, artistic environment mixed with business. I help create or sustain strategies and brands (etc), and it can be very fulfilling to see it pay off for a business. I get the inside scoop on many types of business, from Mom and Pop's all the way up to Fortune 500 clients.

2. I love my job.

3. Advertising has a very strong demand for creative, and well communicative people in the day and age we live in. It also is extremely competitive.

4. Usually a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts or Business. Mine is in BS in Visual Communication. Kind of a blend of the two. What I do, is not all art per say.

5. Depends on where you're at geographically, how long you've been in the field, and also the size of the business you're employed at. Anywhere from $60,000 – $80,000 up up up

6. Production artists, graphic designers, senior designers, creative director, marketing communications, etc.

7. Ferris State University (MI), Cranbrook, MN, I'm sure there's a lot more.

8. Absolutely. My advice is you have to be tough as nails, have a true commitment and drive for what you do, and don't take anything personal. But the payoff is lots of fun!

9. It's not an entry-level position, usually requires anywhere from 3-5 years experience, you really gotta know your stuff. I would say minimum (usually) is 25.

10. Yes. Monetarily but also as Creative Director, Business Owner...

11. Auddi

(Hopefully this fits your criteria... I don't know many Art Director's myself)
Reply:1. I am Ghost Hunter.

2. Yes very much the people I meet are very weird and often pay a hefty sum for the removal of "ghosts"

3. Ghosts are not real I admit it, although if you are a ghost fan this is especially the job for you. Knowing alot about "Ghosts" will certanly get people to trust you more.

4. None really you just gotta pretend that you know but you gotta make sure you don't go overboard or else the people might not belive you. Even just watching the ghost shows helps.

5. It truly depends on the person that you are helping some people might pay you 500+ dollars on one visit. The average monthly salary i get would be about 6,000 dollars a month.

6. You could say that a paranormal expert is very much like my job. An actors job is very much like mine.

7. None, I have a degree in science though.

8. Probaly not you would be much better off going to college and getting a different job. My job is very hectic with the people that I go with.

9. Old enough so you look like a professional but not so old that you cant walk.

10. Not really, you could start by working at a Hotline or something but other than that I cant think of anything

11. I'd rather keep my name to my self.
Reply:1. I get to work with teenagers all day long.

2.very much

3. no not really.

4. High school graduate. College would be helpful


6. Bookstore clerk

7. none that I am aware of

8.Only if they love books


10. yes

11. Shadow Queen

Have you figured out what I do yet? I am a Library

assistant in a Middle School.


3 NO








11. GREG


Reply:1. I am a boiler operator. My job is unique in that when it is done right it goes unnoticed.

2. Yes

3. No

4. Six months, at least, on the job training. Pass a licensing test. Then to keep your license and move to another job you have to put in two years at the job where you were licensed

5. In my state it is not a union job, so it's less than other states but fairly high for my area. Between $11 - $15 / hour depending on experience

6. There are numerous types of boilers, including those on naval vessels and those used in food preparation. Also those used to create alcohol.

7. None that I know of

8. Only if they like to spend a lot of time by themselves and work holidays and weekends

9. Determined by state law, at least 18 yrs

10. Not really, in my current job I can only move up if and when my supervisor retires.

11. Shawn

Your Salary? How about of a Fast Food Manager? Starbucks Manager? Hospital Administrator?

Just trying to settle a debate withe some friends of mine. We don't wanna directly ask some people how much they make. Just curious about an approximate yearly salary for some of these positions?

Just for survey purposes, if you can share the amount you make and your job, that would be great.

Your Salary? How about of a Fast Food Manager? Starbucks Manager? Hospital Administrator?
I used to be the Store Manager of a Subway restaurant in Portland,OR (in 2003). I made only $9/hour!! Pretty shitty but I was only 19 and was making more doing that than any other job I could find!! I later became an Assistant Manager at a Sweet Factory in Portland, made $9/hour there too, and had barely any responsibilities. My take home pay was about $900/month after taxes. Hope this helps you guys out some! =)
Reply:The best fast food managers work at in-n-out burger where they take in a little over 100,000 a year i dont know the rest
Reply:I work for a Subway franchise and make right at 30,000 a year as a store manager. Mind you, I live in a metro area, in a more "upper" middle class neighborhood. Additionaly, the store I work at is a franchise and individual owners can determine the amount thy chose to pay their employees.
Reply:When I was a fast food manager I made 26'600 USD per year, granted this was 10 years ago and I worked for Jack in the Box.

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Prepare a report on job availability and salaries. Compare to salaries offered to accountants?

Visit some Web sites that offer employment opportunities in IT (such as Prepare a report on job availability and salaries. Compare to salaries offered to accountants. Check Computerworldís annual salary survey.

Prepare a report on job availability and salaries. Compare to salaries offered to accountants?
I'll do it!

How do doctors actually pay for liability insurance?

On, the salary survey stated that the average OB/GYN made roughly $238000 a year, but some sites I have looked at show that they also pay $50000 a year (in florida, that rises to $100000) for malpractice insurance. Even for other practices, such as pediatrics and internal medicine, the rate is usually $30000+. This is a huge amount of money and really, after paying student loans, mortgages, taxes, and etc, how much money do doctors actually take home? Surely not all doctors actually pay for their premiums.

Specifically, how much would a pediatric surgeon pay in malpractice insurance in California or Illinois? Just some food for thought.

How do doctors actually pay for liability insurance?
What if you didn't pay for insurance (ie didn't have insurance) and somebody won a million dollar lawsuit againist you. You'd have to pay the money yourself (it may bankrupt you). Doctors pay so much for insurance because they get sued alot and sometimes have to pay millions of dollars lawsuits. I'm sure many of these verdicts are justified, but some probably are not. Anyhow, thats the way the system works.

Another point - the docotrs do pay these costs but probably pretty much pass the costs on to their patients. So if the doctor being payed 238K has to pay 50K in insurance I'll bet if their insurance cost were only 20K then their salary would only be around 208K. If they all had to pay less they'd have to lower their salaries to be competitive with other doctors doing the same thing.

Any Computer Aided Drafters out there? What the average salary?

I use Field Survey for a commercial land surveyor. I do not do topographic maps. I mainly draw structures based on gps points loaded into the computer. Sometimes I plot deeds. Just wanting to get an idea if my salary compares to others.

Any Computer Aided Drafters out there? What the average salary?
About 15 dollars an hour i was going to be one going to college to become one and the average wage was 15 dollars an hour.
Reply:THEY PAY ME 39.99 AN HR!


Survey: Do You Think Your Salary Reflects Your Effort At Work....y/n?

Big bone of contention again globally, so does yours and if not can you say briefly why?

Thanks All ;))

Survey: Do You Think Your Salary Reflects Your Effort At Work....y/n?
I believe my salary reflects their opinion of me, more than it does my actual worth.
Reply:With the value of hindsight - In the navy we were grossly underpaid for the risks we were asked to undertake on a daily basis, but hey I didn't care it was what I wanted, and in those days I'd have done it for even less.

As a civilian diver, I was paid fairly well, but only for work done, and there could be days with no pay. It averaged out satisfactorily, so no complaints there either.

As a music teacher, I was happy too.

As a retiree? Well, with the Senior's pension I don't expect to be paid too much for doing very little. Unlike many countries that I have seen, I shall not die of hunger and poverty, or of sickness with no medical treatment available. I consider myself lucky to have been born and lived in UK and now Australia. It could have been [but for the chance of birth] China, Africa, or in the Middle East.

My salary reflected the effort I put into it overall, except I think perhaps the seamen should be worth more...that's seAmen.
Reply:Salary reflects work, not effort... I make good $, and at first I had to put in a lot of effort to get my work done. I've since learned my job well and get my work done with much less effort. I've got time to Y/A %26amp; still get paid for it. LMAO!
Reply:Always been underpaid but that's my fault should have found a better paid job but enjoyed the job too much
Reply:Yes, that is one area in my life where I have no complaints.
Reply:Probably not. I'm lucky enough to have a skill that businesses will pay for.
Reply:no, they pay me more than I earn. but there has to be a warm body here waiting for something to come up, so I guess I get paid in part for that
Reply:Nope...If that was the case I would be well over paid
Reply:Not really b.c I don't get a salary.

I get paid to much actually (don't tell my boss). It's slow and I do nothing but chill on Y!A all day. I'm sure my job will disappear soon...damn economy!

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Survey: Can You Live On Your Salary.....y/n?

Not many can and most no matter what they are on live over and above it constantly, so are you one of the rare ones that can actually live and not just exist on your current salary?

Thanks all ;))

Survey: Can You Live On Your Salary.....y/n?
I don't live beyond my means and I barely make minimum wage. My husband makes more but with 2 teenager boys it's hard enough just to feed them. But yes, we can live just fine on our incomes. we fell into the credit trap and we're lucky we nipped it in the bud before it got out of hand.
Reply:I go from hand to mouth, with a trip to the nursery or an occasional haircut thrown in for laughs.

I am doing OK, but asked for and received overtime to help.

My mate is retired.

I have one credit card which I use for emergencies.I have insurance, health insurance and a 401K.
Reply:Hell no. That's one of the reasons I'm looking for another job. Everything is going up except wages. It's pretty pathetic when a 45 yr old man has to move back home because I can't afford to make it on my own. Paying child support on three kids doesn't help either.
Reply:Yes - no problem at all. I think anyone can overspend, but if you have the basics covered - like a roof over your head, heating, lighting, water and food - then everything else is within your own control.
Reply:Well now mention it I have only managed two weeks in turkey up to now this year. It would be nice to have another Nile cruise but will so many other places to go I'm not sure I have the time. Oh sorry yes I can just about manage
Reply:Yes. I make good money and have great investments. I should retire but I enjoy what I do. We live a simple, small town life and both do well in our careers.
Reply:i don't have a salary. so i guess the answer would be no. i don't even have a job
Reply:The reason so many people can't live on their salary is because they don't consider that living.

Right now, I'm raising a family of five on less than a thousand dollars a month. But we're still alive.
Reply:well, I live with my not having to pay rent is pretty yes...but I did just get a new truck that I am going to try and pay off money will be tite...but yes...I can live on whaty I make...
Reply:Until I retired 3 weeks ago Yes i could.

If I hadn't been careful and planned for my retirement, would I manage on just a Senior's pension. No I couldn't
Reply:Been doing it for almost 40 years, semi-retired and very comfortable.....
Reply:I can and do, quite well in fact. BUT if I had a family (which I do not) then I think I might be giving you a much different answer.
Reply:Yes, I can... Not only me, but my house-wife %26amp; my 3 kids live on my salary as well... Wife used to work, but I'd rather have her at home taking care of my 9 month old son.
Reply:i actually can, 40plus hrs at 12.50...preety good
Reply:I work for myself so yeah I can, I always make what I need to survive,

Reply:no I cant I always over spend and have to focus the full first part of the month cleaning up my mess i make
Reply:Quite well-yes
Reply:I can live on it but with more money I could live a whole lot better! lol
Reply:Well, I can as long as my husband works too. If I was on my would be hard.
Reply:For now, I can't but good question!
Reply:I am right now so yea
Reply:I have to live on it. But, it would be much easier if taxes weren't taken out.
Reply:Nope.. I don't have an income so I live off my parents.
Reply:Yes, If you can't you should get a new job.
Reply:hell no....
Reply:no, i can't. sucks.
Reply:Yes me and my husband both have amazing jobs, which we get a lot of money =)